Infrastructure Will Make Or Break This Project

The experience marked him for life. Despite the shocking injuries and gaping, maggot-invested wounds he helped clean, he fell in love with Haiti, and its people.

Capponi (Michael Capponi Miami Herald) has been back to Haiti 32 times since his last visit five days after the earthquake. At first it was as just one of the many relief workers. But that soon evolved into a deeper commitment. He bought 700 tents and built a camp for 3,000 homeless earthquake victims in the capital Port-au-Prince, paid for by several fundraisers Capponi organized with the United Way of Miami-Dade, of which he is a board member.

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If Michael is going to build up the tourism in Haiti, the article is right, he really needs to be concerned about infrastructure. The earthquake made a real mess of what little they had, and now things are in a real state of disrepair. Bad infrastructure can really tear down even the most well thought-out plans and the best intentions. Michael has some good people working with him, though. I hope his plans for sustainable development include good roads and renewable energy, otherwise it will be a lot of wasted effort. People can’t empower themselves if they don’t have the basics they need to support the means of empowerment, after all! Michael is taking the right approach, and he needs to keep on the direction he has set for himself. If he stays true to his goal and his motives, there’s nothing that will stop him. I wish him the best of luck!